Sunday, September 23, 2007

Matrimony sites tie Indian surfers in a knot

I have heard several "Met at Orkut" Love stories, which have ended in Happy Weddings. Matrimony sites are becoming huge hits in India and Dating through the net seems to have arrived in India.

While, almost 51 per cent of all internet users undertake dating/friendship activities, 48 per cent of them are into matrimonial searches. “Online matrimonial search has come to establish itself among the ‘mainline’ online activities.
In number terms, almost 12 million online urban Indians are undertaking it, making it the 13th most popular online activity among Indian surfers,” says India Online 2007, a survey conducted by JuxtConsult.
The survey sampled 10,000 households in 31 cities across all the four regions. Interestingly, one in five online matrimonial users is a woman. Only 18 per cent of the net users are women, forming a low proportion of the online matrimony usage base.

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