Monday, October 29, 2007

Two sides of the Indian Economic Boom

As is reporting the boom side ,

The bull run in the Indian markets continues with Sensex eyeing the 20,000 mark. Nifty has hit 5,900 levels scoring over a double century. Strength is seen coming from all quarters. Cues from Asia and rest of the equity markets were robust which has helped in such a rally.

BBC is reporting the opposite :

Police in the Indian capital Delhi, have prevented tens of thousands of landless farmers and indigenous people from marching to protest at parliament.

Some of the landless have been on a month-long protest to demand land reform and ownership rights laws.

The protesters, mostly low-caste tenant farmers and landless indigenous people, say they have been left behind by India's economic boom.

The government has promised to set up a commission to examine land reform.

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